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There are numerous social and career-oriented events that occur during the year for the Ivey MBA students which are organized by Clubs, Senators, and the MBAA.

Senators, which are an extension of the MBAA, lead special events both internally and externally. Internal events include Eid, Diwali, Lunar New Year, Latin Night, Homecoming, Formal, Ivey Olympics, and The Leadership Conference. External events give students a chance to interact with other schools. These include case competitions, the Ivey Cup hockey tournament and Social Impact Days. The MBAA also hosts many social events planned by the Social Reps including bowling, beach day, and activity nights at The Factory.

As of 2024, the events listed below only include those that were ticketed or required a registration. Otherwise, it would be impossible to capture the long list of events that are organized throughout the MBA! For a more in-depth look into additional events that occur over the year, you can check out the Stories or Senators page.

Past Events

Networking Night - Technology

Jan 23, 2019

Networking Session with Microsoft

Nov 10, 2018

Silicon Valley Trip 2018

Oct 5, 2018

Trip to Elevate Tech Fest 2018

Sep 24, 2018

Product Management – Session by Lewis Lin

Aug 11, 2018

WIM Mentorship Dinner

Mar 7, 2018

WIM Social: Mentorship and Sponsorship

Feb 1, 2018

Ivey MBA Career Multi-Club Networking Night

Jan 18, 2018

Stock Pitch Competition

Nov 28, 2017

WIM Workshop: Donglegate 2.0

Nov 9, 2017

Queen's WIL Wine and Cheese Night

Nov 3, 2017

Study Trip to Bermuda

Oct 7, 2017

Latin Cuisine Night

Sep 22, 2017

Trip to Elevate Tech Fest

Sep 13, 2017

WIM Social

Aug 17, 2017

HackerNest Kitcher-Waterloo August Tech Social

Aug 14, 2017

Cocktail Creation Contest

Aug 11, 2017

Labatt Brewery Tour

Jul 7, 2017

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