Ivey Olympics

Pourush Chowdhary on Mar 28, 2017

Fall recruiting is a time of mixed emotions and energy. Suits, frowns, nervous laughter, and super tense environment greets every Ivey MBA student in the months of August and September.

And then comes along the Ivey Olympics.

The Ivey MBA batch of 2017 came together for a day of team games organized by the students themselves. Three Ivey Olympics Senators – Jordana Vered, Brent Miller, and Usman Murad – chose and organized the games, created six teams, and nominated a captain in each team.

On D-day, everybody gathered at the Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre where rain forced our hand to play indoor games before moving out for some outdoor activities. The sea of six colours soon dispersed into duels of colours. Black and grey teams mimed everyday things in 60-seconds, blue and yellow threw quarters and dimes in a pen stand, while green and orange competed to make pyramids from beer cups. After multiple rounds of outdoing each other, the final indoor game was a dance performance by each team with only 30 minutes to prep. Surely there’s a video somewhere waiting to embarrass everyone at the 10-year reunion!

Once rain gave way to bright sunshine, everybody moved outside for the real challenges. Games like 100 metre sprints, shaving the balloons, passing polo candies through toothpicks, all carefully supervised under watchful eyes of professionals from accidental-candy-swallow-association, were used to select the three teams that competed in the final showdown.

Finally, after another gruelling half an hour, Team Orange was proclaimed the winner!


Pourush Chowdhary

MBA Class of 2017

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