Ivey Wins QMARC Case Competition

Rosalind Bei on Jun 15, 2016

Eight teams from the Ivey MBA program took part in the QMARC Balancing Effect Marketing Case Competition hosted by Queen’s University. The challenge was to create a digital marketing strategy for Urban Hippie Granola (www.urbanhippiegranola). One team was chosen from each school by a panel of judges from companies including Loblaw’s and Price Waterhouse Consulting to compete against other MBA programs including Schulich, Rotman, and Smith. Prior to the competition, the Sales & Marketing Club held an internal round of presentations with an esteemed judging panel of Ivey faculty including Professors June Cotte, Neil Bendle, Miranda Goode and Kersi Antia, and faculty sponsor, Professor Dante Pirouz.

"It was a great learning experience because we got to gather information about a real life case and was able to reach out to the company to see what they have done so far and their reputation"

The competition took place on June 15th at Queen’s downtown campus. The winning team, Rosalind Bei, Ryan Min, Shane Freedman, Bryan Hua, and Kyle Cruz brought home the winning trophy with their digital strategy presentation.


Rosalind Bei

MBA Class of 2017

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