2017 Get Connected 2.0

Joel Pipher on Jun 15, 2016

Two key drivers for me choosing the Ivey MBA program were Ivey’s Career Management team and Get Connected. When I was accepted into Ivey, I remember thinking that Get Connected seemed far away. However, once I started the program, I quickly learned how fast time flies by at Ivey. Before I knew it, I was on my way to Toronto with my classmates for an intense three days of company information sessions and networking events with Ivey alumni and recruiters.

On Monday my classmates and I attended various company information sessions based on our career interests. After meeting with employees from each firm, we capped off the night with an Ivey alumni networking event at Brassaii. One noteworthy part of this event was watching alumni mingle with their former classmates. As I saw mini reunions occurring throughout the night, I realized how connected the Ivey Network is.

Tuesday was filled with more networking sessions. I, like many of my classmates, packed Wednesday with one-on-one coffee chats with Ivey alumni. Through these chats, I was able to get a better sense of the cultures at my target firms and I received great career advice from the individuals I met with.

Get Connected was a blast. After three days of networking and learning about different firms, I began to understand the power of the Ivey Network. I was especially impressed by how much time alumni dedicated to this event and how receptive people were to planning follow-up chats with me. Though I was exhausted after those three days, I cannot wait to be part of the Ivey Alumni Network so that I can share my experiences with future Ivey MBAs.


Joel Pipher

MBA Class of 2017
Joel has a Master of Resource and Environmental Management from Simon Fraser University where he used market research to quantify residential consumers’ preferences for water...

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