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The Sustainability Club is a student-led organization focusing on integrating sustainable practices into the business world. It aims to educate and engage students in topics like environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and ethical business practices. Through workshops, guest speakers, and community projects, the club provides practical experiences in sustainability initiatives. Additionally, it fosters networking opportunities for students with industry professionals and alumni who are leaders in sustainability.

Sustainability Club

2024 Events

Favourite Event: Exposing the Secrets of Sustainable Fashion (filmed for CBC Marketplace)

  • The highlight for the Sustainability Club was collaborating with CBC Marketplace to produce an episode with the current cohort, focusing on the pervasive issue of greenwashing. This event showcased the cohort's passion and diverse perspectives, highlighting their deep engagement with real-world sustainability challenges.

Other Events:

  • Positive Impact Rating with the Office of the Dean
  • Fireside Chat: Energy Storage with James Larsen (CEO of e-Zinc and Founder of Ivey MBA Sustainability Club)
  • Fireside Chat: Kevin McLeod, Director of Sustainability Standards, CPA Ontario (Co-host with Consulting Club)

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Sydney Atkinson


Fernando Chua

Vice President

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