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The Business of Sports & Entertainment Club is set out to provide Ivey MBA students with a forum to discuss key issues and a venue to host important decision makers within the sports & entertainment industry. The club aims to increase industry presence amongst Ivey MBA students and expose them to the ’team behind the team’ and career opportunities within sports & entertainment.

S&E Club

2024 Events

Favourite Event: The Sports and Entertainment Club fostered a collective passion for sports and entertainment by organizing a range of events, facilitating intramurals, and hosting drop-ins.

  • The club was dedicated to highlighting the talents within the cohort by featuring an athlete or artist of the week. This initiative provided colleagues with the opportunity to showcase their respective activities or sports and inspire others through personal anecdotes and quotes.

Other Events:

  • Summer: Soccer drop-ins, ultimate frisbee, volleyball intramurals - S&E Club
  • Golf: Learn how to drive - S&E Club (Aug 17)
  • Cricket Day: MBAA x S&E Club (Aug 19)
  • Taekwondo Session: S&E Club (Aug 23)
  • Fall Semester: Hockey, Volleyball, Flag Football intramurals - S&E Club
  • Charity Golf tournament: MBAA x S&E Club (Sep 10)
  • Badminton Tournament: S&E Club (Oct 20)
  • Women's Self Defense Class: S&E Club x WIM (Oct 24)
  • Ivey Olympics: MBAA x S&E Club (Oct 28)
  • Movie Night: S&E Club x Pride (Nov 6)
  • Talent Night: S&E Club (Nov 15)

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