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The Sales and Marketing club aims to provide opportunities for students to learn more about careers in the dynamic and evolving sales and marketing space. We do this through networking events, informational panels, and interview prep sessions. These events allow students to learn about various roles in sales and marketing such as account and brand management as well as how to land a role in them. We also give students exposure to sales and marketing roles across various industries including CPG and Tech to ensure they have a complete view of all that sales and marketing has to offer.

Sales & Marketing

2024 Events

Favourite Event: first-ever Retail, CPG and Technology Super-Weekend

  • We hosted this inaugural Super-Weekend in partnership with the Tech club. This event gave the opportunity for students to conduct mock interviews with alumni from companies they were interested in, and all the participants involved said it was a great learning experience!

Other Events:

  • CPG Bootcamp
  • A Virtual Panel on Sales and Marketing CPG Roles
  • Marketing Case Pairings
  • Retail, CPG and Technology Superweekend
  • PowerBI 101 workshop

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Shardul Sasan

Vice President

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