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The Real Estate Club at Ivey serves a niche of students who are passionate about real estates, infrastructure investing and alternative asset management. It is currently led by Temi Adepoju, Amy Leong, and Fred Chen. These individuals are extremely passionate about helping Ivey Students learn more about opportunities in real estate and secure opportunities in real estate asset management.

Real Estate Club

2024 Events

Favourite Event: Real Estate Market & Career Overview

  • Two Ivey MBA alumni from London and another from Toronto (virtual) joined as guest speakers to discuss topics such as how they leveraged their MBAs in real estate, real estate trends during financial crises from the 1980s to today, the role of relationships in real estate, the current housing affordability crisis in the GTA, and how international students can set themselves up for success in the GTA real estate market.

Other Events:

  • Fireside Chat with Alex Pricope

Our Team

Who We Are

Temi Adepoju


Amy Leong

Vice President

Fred Chen


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