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The Ivey Cannabis Business Club’s purpose is to provide member’s with sufficient knowledge to navigate the legal cannabis market within Canada. Through informative and engaging events members have opportunities to familiarize themselves with products, companies and the industry as a whole.

Cannabis Club

2024 Events

Favourite Event: The best event of the year thus far was the open-air museum event where a cornucopia of products were procured.

  • Many students come from countries where cannabis is illegal, which means figuring out products can be daunting. We wanted to give a judgement-free, safe place for people to learn. Various flower, edibles, beverages, pre-rolls, and concentrates were showcased for members to touch, feel, smell and consume in addition to informational pages for each product that explained the components, potency, producer and intended effect(s).

Other Events:

  • Product Knowledge Event
  • Hawaiian Shirt night
  • Conspiracy Theory Night

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Atanu Prasad Sahoo

Vice President

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