The Ivey MBA Pride Club at Ivey Business School is a vibrant hub advocating for LGBTQ+ inclusivity and diversity. It focuses on normalizing conversations around Pride in the workplace and enhancing awareness through education. The club organizes events to celebrate diversity, empower allies, and support identity exploration, thereby fostering a deeper understanding of LGBTQ+ challenges and perspectives. This initiative not only enriches the MBA experience but also prepares students for leadership in diverse professional environments.


2024 Events

Favourite Event: Toronto and London Pride Parade

  • It was truly a time of celebration of diversity! The streets echoed with joy and unity, as the MBA students, alongside professors and faculty members, proudly showcased their support for equality. Those future leaders immersed themselves in the colorful festivities, enriching their academic journey with a deeper understanding of inclusivity and community spirit.

Other Events:

  • Monthly pride quiz
  • Bi-monthly gatherings
  • Initiating and normalizing conversations
  • Allyship training and discussion
  • Inclusivity Collab Event
  • Movie Night (collab with S&E)

Our Team

Who We Are

Mayank Agarwal

Vice President

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